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Interior Design Trends for Spring 2023

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

By: Engel & Volkers April 25, 2023

Every year, spring’s refreshing design trends help invite the season’s famous feelings of renewal and rejuvenation into our homes. Whether you’re looking to simply refresh and reflect, or to help your home stand out on the market, there’s no time like the present to implement some of these top interior design trends—making your living spaces lighter, brighter, and more inviting. From natural wall coverings to a fully maximalist mix and match, below you’ll find five interior design and home decor trends that should be on your radar, along with some extra advice from Engel & Völkers professionals who are hopping in on the trends themselves.

Lighten up your color palette

One of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh, springtime feel is to lighten up its color palette. Saying goodbye to dark, moody hues doesn’t automatically mean you are limited to a sea of beiges and whites; you can also include pastels and light, bright colors—think soft pinks, pale blues, and sunny yellows. These can all be mixed in to complement your existing interior design elements while giving the space a revitalized energy. Simply swap out a few accessories or textiles and add, or update, an accent wall, and you’re good to go. Some of our favorites: Benjamin Moore has rounded up a spring edit of their premium paint offerings, of which, “Cappuccino” and “Windmill Wings” stand out in particular. And to throw any couch or chair a little love, this Pottery Barnmohair throw blanket can be the perfect, whistful touch. Embrace organic shapes, textures, and materials Organic shapes in furniture, textiles, and accessories have been in vogue for quite some time and show no signs of falling out. Furniture that incorporates curved lines and flowing shapes in natural materials like linen and cotton help create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere that aligns with all that spring is famous for along with the interior design industry’s latest and greatest list. In the spirit of renewal – Spring is also the perfect time to experiment with new ideas for texturally rich additions to your home. Think grasscloth wallpapers, rattan chandeliers, linen lampshades, and loose-knit blankets. Items, and materials like these, are often handmade and/or one-of-a-kind pieces that are crafted with attention to detail add a personal touch to your home. So take care when sourcing them as they’re often found where least expected (from Facebook Marketplace to 1stDibs). Some of our favorites: An original Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa can be hard to come across. Yet, fear not, this Rove Concepts Belia Open End Sofa is a great alternative. Mix and match patterns

Mixing and matching patterns can be a bold, exciting, and often are a relatively low-commitment endeavor; making it the ultimate seasonal trend. When done correctly, the right combination can add a unique visual interest to your space. From layered florals and geometrics to stripes that play with polka dots, a cohesive color pallet can mitigate any concern of overwhelming a space with too much pattern. Even if it is incorporating new napkins, dishware, or tablecloths, no space is too big or small for the energizing impacts of mix-and-match patterns. Some of our favorites: If you

are looking for the perfect gateway into a maximalist aesthetic, coffee and side tables are a beginner’s paradise—and why not start with this stunning Pink Tiger Coffee Table from Dutch Furniture?

Incorporate fresh flowers No list of spring trends would be complete without mentioning fresh flowers (and our real estate advisors agree—keep reading for how the professionals use flowers in their own home.

Flowers are the epitome of spring, the essence of the season, and, if you only incorporate one piece of advice, we highly recommend it’s this one. From statement vases in your dining nook or on your coffee table to smaller arrangements that add a touch of surprise to entryways, bathrooms, and bedside tables, fresh flowers will undoubtedly make anyone smile. Daffodils and tulips are classic favorites, and hydrangeas can help transition a space from spring to summer. Some of our favorites: Floral arrangements are an art form, and whether it is for the holidays or just a bit of added fun, learn from a professional like Martha Stewart.

A more transient boundary with the outdoors can be created in each and every home. Be it adding a few plants, incorporating more natural materials like wood, wicker, and rattan, or rethinking your home’s entrances, establishing a fresh feel is at the heart of springtime living, even in urban areas with tighter living spaces. Some of our favorites: Dedicate the same attention to style and comfort that you would inside your home to your outdoor living spaces for an elevated experience. Chic seating offerings, such as this Williams Sonoma AERIN East Hampton Outdoor Sofa, capitalize on all the spring trends, from its rounded cushions to its wicker base.

How Luxury Real Estate Experts Update Their Homes for Spring Come springtime, Charli Bullard of Engel & Völkers Oklahoma City has a robust approach. From the classics to bespoke touches that may not have crossed your mind, she’s updated her home for this season and beyond. I love putting out fresh tulips every week—in all rooms of the house. I prefer white but any color works. It’s really just personal preference. Change out your candles and hand soaps Bullard sources candles for her home from a local company, OliverCo.. Rather than sticking with a richer winter scent, Bullard uses the change of season as an opportunity to opt for a fresher scent for a nice, simple springtime touch. Make it peronal(ized) Bullard admittedly loves anything monogrammed, which makes for a superbly bespoke effect, and orders newly designed towelettes twice a year. Turning a new leaf To get outdoor spaces ready for the warmer temperatures around the corner, Bullard opts for more tropical

foliage and swaps out existing trees and plants and accordingly.

Last, but certainly not least, are our outdoor spaces. As the weather invites us to enjoy patios, balconies, and gardens take the opportunity to refresh your outdoor spaces with comfortable seating, refe textiles, and plenty of plants to help establish a comfortable ambiance. Adding string lights or lanterns can also create an unmistakable glow. It should come as no surprise that an endless array of lush opportunities await our homes each spring.

When it’s time to decide which of these would best suit your home, especially if you are considering preparing it for the market, lean on your local Engel & Völkers advisors to help guide you through the process. Happy spring! AMERICASENGEL & VÖLKERSINTERIOR DESIGN TRENDSLIFESTYLELUXURYREAL ESTATESPRINGSPRING INTERIOR DESIGNTRENDS

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